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Here at paydayloanhub.com.au our aim is to provide clear and easy to understand information about payday loans, how to apply for them, and which are the best lenders offering the best rates of interest.

In recent years the internet has made it possible to secure short-term payday loans. The process is fast, efficient and very easy to understand. The companies offering payday loans (lenders) make it clear exactly how much the loan will cost you with interest, depending on the length of time you want to pay the loan back. This site features lenders offering loans for as little as 24 hours, right up until one year.

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How to decide which lender to choose for a payday loan

Choosing which company to choose to secure your payday loan can be difficult as there is a lot of choice and it can be difficult to see who is offering the best rates. The key consideration for comparing the cost of a loan is the APR (Annual percentage rate) which is the amount you’ll pay back in interest, on top of the original cost of your loan. Our site clearly lists the various rates of APR charged by various lenders, making it easy to compare which site offers the best value.

Other factors to consider when choosing a payday loan are how quickly you will be approved, and how quickly the funds will reach your account. All the payday loan lenders featured on this site offer almost instant approval (within 15 minutes maximum), as they do background credit checks on you over the internet when you provide certain personal information such as address, bank account etc. On top of this, we only feature loan companies who guarantee to make payment within 24 hours, even on weekends and public holidays. Most companies actually pay the funds into your account a lot quicker than this – this is a maximum guideline.

Our loans site provides a wealth of information about payday loans and personal finance, and all the resources are provided free of charge, from independent financial experts.

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